No Double Standards: Quantifying the Impact of Standard Harmonization on Trade [link]

(with Walter Steingress)
Journal of International Economics, 2022, vol. 137.
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International Spillovers of Monetary Policy: Evidence from France and Italy [link]

(with Marianna Caccavaio, Luisa Carpinelli and Giuseppe Marinelli)
Journal of International Money and Finance, 2018, vol. 89, p. 50-66.
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International Banking and Cross-Border Effects of Regulation: Lessons from France [link]

(with Matthieu Bussière and Frédéric Vinas)
International Journal of Central Banking, 2017, vol. 13(2), p. 163-193.
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International Banking and Liquidity Risk Transmission: Evidence from France [link]

(with Matthieu Bussière, Boubacar Camara, François-Daniel Castellani and Vincent Potier) IMF Economic Review, 2015, vol. 63(3), p. 479-495.
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Working Papers

Patents that Match your Standards: Firm-level Evidence on Competition and Innovation [pdf]

(with Antonin Bergeaud and Riccardo Zago)
Banque de France Working Paper No. 876
CEPR Discussion Paper No. 17486

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Technological Standardization, Endogenous Productivity and Transitory Dynamics [pdf]

(with Justus Baron)
Banque de France Working Paper No. 503
FEEM Award at the European Economic Association (EEA) Congress 2012 [link]

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Constructing a Concordance Table between HS and ICS [pdf]

(with Xinfen Han and Walter Steingress)
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Country Risk Premia, Endogenous Collateral Constraints and Non-linearities: A Threshold VAR
Approach [pdf]

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International Funding Diversification and Bank Resilience – Evidence from UK Banks

(with Yevgeniya Korniyenko)
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Work in progress

Safe Asset Demand and the Maturity Structure of Sovereign Debt

(with Olivier Sirello and Miklos Vari)

Dominant-Currency Invoicing

(with Antoine Berthou)

Monetary Policy Transmission Through Foreign Asset Holdings

(with Maéva Silvestrini and Urszula Sczcerbowicz)

Policy publications

The implications of globalisation for the ECB monetary policy strategy [link]

(ECB Strategy Review / Workstream on Globalisation)
ECB Occasional Paper, no. 263, September 2021.

Euro area portfolio flows in 2020: the impact of the Covid-19 crisis [link]

(with Olivier Sirello)
Blog Banque de France, June 2021.

Global Policy Responses to Capital Flow Volatility [link]

(with Ambrogio Cesa-Bianchi, Annamaria De Crescenzio, Mark Joy, Annamaria Kokenyne, Etienne Lepers, Gurnain Pasricha and Dennis Reinhart)
IMF Blog, December 2020.

When the ECB lends in US dollars: Central Bank swaps during COVID 19 [link]

Blog Banque de France, July 2020.

The trade-enhancing impact of product standard harmonization [link]

Banque de France Bulletin, no. 228, April 2020.

Global imbalances: build-up, unwinding and financial aspects [link]

(with Antoine Berthou, Matthieu Bussière, Laurent Ferrara, Sophie Haincourt and Francesco Pappadá)
Banque de France Bulletin, no. 220, November 2018.

Obstacles to trade: tariffs are not everything [link]

Blog Banque de France, July 2018.

External wealth (or debt) as drivers of the current account [link]

Blog Banque de France, May 2018.

International financial flows in the New Normal: key patterns (and why we should care) [link]

(with Matthieu Bussière and Natacha Valla)
CEPII Policy Brief, no.10, March 2016.

The transmission of liquidity risk through international banks [link]

(with Matthieu Bussière, Boubacar Camara, François-Daniel Castellani and Vincent Potier)
Rue de la Banque, no. 18, February 2016.